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Thursday, August 6, 2020
18 23 33 35 36 41
Compl.  49  Reimbursement  2    1053010
The number that came out more times

38 is the number that came out most, 441 of 3333 total raffles.


3 is the number that came out most this year, 10 of 45 total raffles.


21 was the number that came out most past year (2019), 20 of 104 total raffles.


19 is the number that came out most of every month of August, coming out 47 times


22 is the number that came out most this day (08), coming out 18 times.

The least number of times has exited

On the other side is the number 20, which has only 373 times out of all the signed drawings.


Which less has come in so far this year is the number 6, 1 of 45 celebrated drawings.


In the previous year (2019), the least out was number 12, 6 of 104 draws held.


The less you have left each month (August), was number 42, which has left 22 times.


That less went out the day (08), is the number 45, which it has echo on 6 occasions.

The hottest

The 33 he is hot, he is currently the hottest.

The coldest

The 10 has been more than a frozen iceberg.

The laziest

The 10 is the longest without leaving, 61 drawings takes does not appear.


It is the total number of celebrated drawings.


It is the number of draws held last year (2019).


It is the number of drawings held in the current year (2020).

Combinations that have been repeated in La Primitiva

In the game of La Primitiva there are 13.983.816 possible combinations of 6 different numbers. The probability of match 6 numbers is 1 between 13.983.816

Repeated combinations Times that has emerged
#1 13 21 24 26 32 34 2

They left my numbers?

Check if they have left the numbers of your choice, no matter how many are, our system will be to go by selecting them, comparing them with the historical draws.

You like to reduce?

Expand your choices, playing more numbers for less betting, experiment and perform simulations needed to pick their numbers.


More to come

That numbers they are most times they come from? And what goes in what year? And last year came out What?

30 37


The pairs of numbers that times have come, that most they have come in a year, in a month, on a day...

6 41 43

Triplets of numbers

The numbers also is organized by triplets, would want to see as?, this is your site!

Hot and Cold

Temperature evaluates numbers, allowing you to see clearly which are on a roll and the ones in the fridge.

Distribution of the numbers

Distribution of numbers by figures, even/odd, high/low, sum of the winning combination.

Most famous quartets

Combinations of 4 numbers which have more left.


The quintets of numbers that most have been allowed to see in La Primitiva, we show you all the combinations of 5 numbers that have come out in more than one draw.